Last week we received the award for the best company in the Health & Wellbeing vertical at the South Summit, the largest annual event on entrepreneurship in Southern Europe.

It was a great opportunity to showcase our technology, sharing how it helps healthcare professionals and hospitals to increase their care capacity by automating clinical monitoring through Lola, our voice-based virtual assistant.

In this edition, South Summit has celebrated its 10th anniversary and has had more than 3,800 entrepreneurial projects submitted to the Startup Competition. Being the winners of the Health & Wellbeing category has been a great joy and motivation to keep working on making healthcare more efficient.



This award brings us one step closer to our final goal of making healthcare more efficient, enabling everyone to live with the best quality of life at home, since it allows us to explain, disseminate and improve our technology. In this way, we are helping an ever-increasing number of patients to have continuity of care at home, and enhancing the capabilities of medical professionals in diagnosing, monitoring and communicating with their patients.