The G20 Innovation League is an event that brings together the top 100 startups within the G20. This special event, organized by the Italian Presidency of the G20, gathers and connects the most promising startups with investment funds and international companies.

Tucuvi was given the opportunity to attend the G20 Innovation League in Sorrento to represent Spain in one of the main “challenges” humanity is currently facing: Healthcare.

At the event, which was organized on the occasion of the transalpine country’s presidency of the G20, GreeMko, Mayordomo, Lullaai, SofiaThinks and Tucuvi, the five companies chosen by ENISA, competed with the other states in five categories that respond to the five main “challenges” currently facing humanity: Cleantech, AI, IoT and Wearables, Green Mobility and Healthcare.



The pandemic has had a profound impact on human health around the world. It has affected people’s livelihoods, as well as our economies and international trade. It has added its burden to other systemic problems, from climate change to inequality, which are hampering our ability to thrive fully and express our potential. It has also made one thing clear: we live in an age where local problems are fast becoming global challenges. However, this also means that we can work together to recover from this crisis and seize the opportunity to build back better, learning from our shared experience and ensuring that efficient and innovative tools and technologies become the basis for more resilient, sustainable and respectful growth. 

The G20 Innovation League was a great opportunity to share knowledge among different actors and continue building a better future. The initiative was organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Italian Trade Agency (ITA-ICE), the Italian National Innovation Fund (FNI- CDP Venture Capital) and SIMEST, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Innovation and Digital Transition.