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18 March 2022

Tucuvi receives financing from the NEOTEC 2021 program and the innovative startup seal.

The NEOTEC programme finances new business projects for innovative small enterprises that require the use of technologies.

14 March 2022

How are we helping to take care of COVID and COPD patients? | Tucuvi at the Torrejón Hospital.

Remote followups with Tucuvi are being used to improve care of COVID and COPD patients at the Torrejón hospital (Madrid).

Digital Health

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23 March 2022

Real World Data and Real World Evidence: Tucuvi as an evidence generation engine

Real World Evidence supports clinical research and can contribute to the sustainability of healthcare systems.

25 February 2022

Value based healthcare systems: a new healthcare management model | Tucuvi

Value based health models are those in which the patient is at the center of the service. All the focus is on the needs of the patient and in creating value for them.


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03 February 2022

Post-surgery patient followup after Major Outpatient Surgery (MOS) with Tucuvi

The use of Tucuvi for post-MOS followup enables personal monitoring of all patients after their surgeries, in a structured manner and with alert generation functionalities.

27 January 2022

Tucuvi's Virtual Nurse starts to be deployed in Portugal alongside Integr@atención

Tucuvi begins to work in Portugal in collaboration with Integr@atención, to help provide care to the elderly in rural areas.

11 January 2022

Remote monitoring with Tucuvi reduces visits to Emergency Rooms and Health Centres by 20%.

Patients included in the Tucuvi monitoring programme have reduced their visits to Emergency Rooms and Health Centres by 20% and 25%, respectively.


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18 August 2022

Why automating clinical phone calls is so challenging

In Tucuvi we have developed a voice assistant that allows the automation of clinical calls, from pre-consultation questionnaires to post-discharge follow-up and home monitoring of chronic patients. What challenges have we faced?

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