Voice and artificial intelligence to monitor your patients at home

No apps, no internet, no barriers. Just automatic, intelligent and empathic phone calls

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Conversational AI Platform for home-care

Anticipate decisions by monitoring all your patients at home with our voice-based virtual nurse. Accelerate hospital discharge by having all your patients under control.

Example protocols:

Virtual nurse

Lola is Tucuvi’s virtual nurse, based on voice technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

She naturally and empathically converses with patients via phone calls. Her backend algorithms analyze the conversations in real time and return structured information on the patients´ wellbeing, their symptoms and vital signs to the medical team to support them in the decision-making process.

Clinical Dashboard

Web dashboard for healthcare professionals offering personalised and structured patient information, in an aggregated and individualised view.

It allows the creation, configuration and customisation of monitoring protocols and alert management for each patient or groups of patients.

Benefits for healthcare professionals

Increases the remote monitoring capacity of healthcare professional.

Better planning of daily care activity.

Alerts that anticipate decompensation.

Reduces non-necessary visits, readmissions and hospitalisations.

Analyses patterns with historical information.

Improves health outcomes and patient experience.

Allows early hospital discharge of patients.

Benefits por patients,
their families and their caregivers.

Personalized and continuous care at home.

Follow-ups between visits.

Less commutes to the hospital.

Improved treatment adherence.

Peace of mind.

Voice and artificial intelligence to monitor your patients at home

No apps, no internet, no barriers. Just automatic, intelligent and empathic phone calls.

Voice and artificial intelligence to monitor your patients at home

How does it work

Increases monitoring and care capacity

Personalize home care

Choose, customise or design monitoring protocols for your patients.

Activate your patients

Activate automatic and empathic phone call monitoring for your patients as often as they need it.

Receive reports and alerts

Obtain key information from patient-monitoring conversations in a structured and prioritised way.

Anticipate decompensations

From personalised alerts, intervene before a patient gets worse.

Improve patient outcomes

Leverage the reported information to provide the best care for your patients.


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Healthcare professionals offer the service to their patients for free

Nurses or physicians ask their patients whether they would like to join the monitoring programme. If they agree, they are aumatically enrolled.

Lola introduces herself

Lola calls the patients to introduce herself and explain how the monitoring programme works.

Lola and the patients talk and establish a relationship

When scheduled, Lola will call and hold a natural conversation with the patients following the established health protocol.

Detect and send alerts automatically

Lola analyses the conversation and sends alerts and structured information to the clinical team in real time.

Patients feel accompanied

With Lola, patients feel accompanied and cared for at their homes, increasing their treatment adherence, satisfaction and capacity of self-care.


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